How to make iced coffees with Philz coffee and McDonalds ice

RTE has launched a new digital campaign called ‘Philz’ which is launching with a focus on the iconic McDonalds ice cream.

The Philz campaign aims to help McDonalds customers find the best iced drinks on offer by giving them the tools to make their own iced beverages from scratch.

The campaign is set to launch on Tuesday, October 9, with the aim of helping customers discover the best options for their own drinks.

“The Philza campaign is designed to help us all become more aware of the products that we can and can’t make ourselves at home.

We are targeting young and healthy consumers and consumers of all ages, so we have taken the opportunity to reach out to people of all ethnicities and sexualities,” Philz communications director and marketing manager, Alex McLeod said.

The latest campaign has been created using a blend of video, audio and interactive content, to highlight the different ways in which people can make their iced beverage.

“McDonalds is a world-renowned brand with an iconic history and iconic products that are widely loved.

We wanted to give people the ability to make drinks from scratch from the comfort of their own home and create a new, fun and exciting way to spend a Sunday afternoon,” McLeod added.

The video shows a customer making a batch of iced iced creams with friends, as well as being introduced to the company’s latest product line, Philz Coffee.

McDonald’s iced ice creams have become the most popular and affordable iced drink in the US and have been popular in Australia and around the world for many years.

McDonald was recently approached by a member of the public in Melbourne who wanted to make ice creamer and then donate the money to Philz in return for a McDonalds gift card.

In a press release, McDonald’s said the Philz ice cream was a “premium ice cream” with “an incredibly healthy and flavourful taste”.

“This is a fun, easy way to start your weekend and help to celebrate the occasion.

It’s the perfect treat for the whole family, friends and even those who have never had a Philz before.

Enjoy it with us,” McDonald’s marketing manager for retail, Alex Crouch said.

McMcDonald iced products are currently sold in Australia, New Zealand, UK, France and the United States.

The Philzes are currently available in Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US.