A coffee maker built to look like a house

Green Mountain Coffee makes a coffee pot that looks like a coffee table.

It also uses an egg as a stand for the machine.

But the design is actually built by a woman who lives in a house.

Green Mountain Coffee uses an eggs as a standing desk to build its coffee pot The company behind the design says the design of its coffee machine was inspired by a man’s house, but it was designed to look and feel like a family home.

The coffee maker, which costs £1,799, uses an old fashioned egg as its stand for its espresso machine.

It’s a clever design, because it is meant to resemble a home, rather than a modern office.

In a video, a customer explains why he bought the machine: “I want to be able to look at the house and say, ‘This is what my family is like’.

That’s a real big deal.

It can’t be done if it’s a product designed to sell.”

Green’s design was inspired in part by a house, as well as a man and his wife’s home In the video, the customer says the coffee pot’s design and size are based on his house, which he bought in 2005.

“That’s a really big deal for me.

It could be anywhere, it could be next to a lake or a lake just off the road, but I can see that it’s in that location.”

In the video the man also shows how his house has a garden in it, and a tree house.

It was not clear what the company did with the egg in the stand. 

The machine looks like something a house might have.

When asked about how it got its name, the man said: “It’s not the design, it’s the way it’s built.

I built it like a human.

It looks like someone would build a house.”