Happy coffee canisters are back!

Happy coffee cans are back.

But the caffeine content has dropped.

The new cans are now sold in Canada under the name “Coffee Bean”.

They’re also available in the U.S. under the brand name “Froggier”, but the price tag is the same.

The coffee can’s popularity has increased as people have been buying cans of caffeinated coffee, a trend that has led to a decline in the prices of caffeinating products.

The trend has also led to coffee-drinking contests, such as a national competition last month that saw contestants swap caffeinated coffees for coffees from the same brand.

There are also a handful of other popular brands that are available in Canada, including the popular Blueberry and Pineapple brands.

Some of the more popular coffee-flavored products include Blue Bell, Red Bull and the popular Espresso brand.