‘Braun’ Coffee Maker Is Officially Officially Back By Amazon, Amazon CEO says

Amazon has officially confirmed that the company’s “Braun” coffee maker is officially back by the online retailer.

The announcement comes two weeks after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave a rare, public endorsement of the appliance, saying it was “the best thing” he had ever made.

Amazon’s decision to bring the “Braund” back came amid a storm of controversy over the quality of the machine, which is still being sold by Amazon and has seen multiple customer complaints.

The company initially announced it was bringing back the coffee maker, but on Friday it made the announcement on Twitter, announcing it would “take a bit more time” to finalize a plan to bring back the machine.

“We are excited to be able to bring our most innovative and innovative coffee makers back to the Amazon marketplace,” Amazon wrote in a post on the “Amazon Store” page.

“While we are still working on our final plans for bringing the Amazon Instant Coffee Machine back, we have been working closely with the company and the team to finalise the details.”

Amazon’s announcement comes just a day after Bezos announced the company would invest $2 billion in its online grocery and Amazon Music business.

That investment comes as the company has struggled to rein in its own online sales, and Amazon is under pressure to find ways to boost its digital sales to win back customers who have switched to competing platforms.

While the company said in the announcement that it had “worked closely with Amazon to finalised plans for its return,” it did not say when the plans would be implemented.

The announcement came less than two weeks before Amazon will release its second-quarter financial results, which are due on March 31.