How to shop Emma’s coffee shop, its staff says

NEW YORK — The name Emma’s Coffee Shop, located on the Upper West Side, is synonymous with Chicago, and the owners are proud to be the coffee shop of the century.

The coffee bar, which opened in 2015, is the second oldest in Chicago, after its predecessor, which began as a coffee house.

But the owners say the establishment has grown to become a destination for the locals and visitors alike.

“We want to be an institution of Chicago, which means to be a place where everyone can come and experience our coffee,” Emma’s founder and CEO, Samantha Stacey, said in a phone interview from New York.

Emma’s is also a place that people can shop, including a coffee bar called The Coffee Shop.

Emma’s has become a go-to place for people to find coffee, and for customers to make their own coffee.

The coffee at Emma’s is made in-house, which is a good thing, Stacey said.

It’s not the same coffee as a local cafe, she said.

The coffee is “made by hand,” and the owner is a certified coffee roaster.

When asked about the high cost of living in Chicago — which is higher than New York, where the average annual salary is $59,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — Stacey pointed out that Emma’s cost less than $100 a month, or about one-third the cost of a comparable place in the city.

She also said she would not be surprised if Emma’s were able to keep costs down in the future, because the company has been expanding.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Stace noted that Emma has become known for its coffee.

One of the coffee spots Emma’s opened is called The Chocolate Café.

Stacey’s husband, Matt, who owns the coffee bar and a restaurant called The Bistro, said Emma’s started out with one of his employees, who is also the owner of The Chocolate Cafe.

The employee, who works in marketing, said he was initially offered a spot at Emma.

But after seeing the high price of coffee in the store, Matt Stacey decided to start a coffee shop.

The Chocolate Café has been an online hit, and in 2017, the Staces opened a location in New York City, according a Facebook post.

They’ve since opened two more in California and Illinois.

Emma also has a location at the corner of Chicago and Michigan avenues in Chicago.

Stace said the chocolate shop also serves brunch, and it’s a good place for guests to grab a coffee before or after the restaurant closes.

Stacey said Emma is a place she would never want to leave.

“We have a very strict no-smoking policy.

It is not OK to go into the store and smoke,” Stacey told ABC News.”

The coffee shop is an absolute pleasure to work in, and Emma’s owners know that,” said Sarah Mancini, a manager at Emma, who also works in the coffee business.

Mancini said the owners of Emma’s have always been “very open to coffee,” and are passionate about their customers.

At Emma, you’ll find handmade items and handmade food from the owners.

They also offer a coffee cup and other souvenirs, including an antique coffee mug.

The owners say they also have a dedicated coffee shop staff.

“They know how to make the coffee,” Stace added.

There are other things the owners do well, Mancino said.

Emma is known for hosting monthly coffee meetups, like one hosted by The New York Times, and she also hosts an annual coffee party at Emma on the third Wednesday of every month.

The owners also have some good advice for the coffee-drinking public.

They say the best way to get the best quality coffee is to go out with your friends and enjoy yourself.

“If you don’t, you’re missing out,” Mancin said.

Stacey and Stacey have been friends for 20 years, she added.

“I love Emma’s, and I love working there.”

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