How to paint the Swiss coffee in your car – and how to take it apart

It’s not the coffee itself that gets the best of the paint job, though.

It’s the grime that forms the backdrop to this classic piece of urban-paint work, called “swiss coffee.”

“It’s a really hard task, because the paint is so thick and the coffee grime is so deep,” says photographer Michael Hulme, who has painted this coffee-covered car.

“It’s so beautiful, but it is also so fragile, and it has to be removed from the car and painted.

That’s the most complicated thing.”

The job is made of a mixture of paint, fiberglass, latex and glass, but Hulmes favorite was the glass used for the glass window, which is so strong it can be painted as if it were glass.

“There are some parts that you can just paint over.

It has no texture,” he says.

“I love the feeling of this beautiful piece of glass.

It feels real.

I can just sit and stare at it.”

The car was painted in a series of “shimmering” coats of acrylic paint, and Hulmen says the results are breathtaking.

“The color is so vivid.

The texture is just incredible.

You can see the light in it,” he explains.”

This is the only car that I have ever painted that has had such a beautiful glass window,” he adds.

“That is so rare.

I hope to paint it again someday.”

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