What is the difference between coffee and iced tea?

The differences between coffee, iced teas and edibles are important for anyone with a caffeine habit.

The difference between caffeine and icing tea, for example, is that iced edible drinks are often prepared with the coffee in the cup, while coffee is usually poured into a pot to be steeped or brewed with the tea.

This allows for the coffee to be absorbed in the body faster, and can increase its level of absorption by about 20 per cent compared with tea, which has a longer shelf life.

However, the differences in taste and texture can be significant.

The differences in flavour can be noticeable, especially if you have a strong coffee flavour to your tea.

Coffee is also a stimulant, and has been linked to a range of conditions including anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

Eating and drinking coffee is also an important part of your morning routine, and you may even need to switch from a regular breakfast to a cup of coffee to keep up with your coffee habit.