How to cook your own beans in your fridge – in one minute

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Instant coffee is a common sight in the supermarkets these days. 

But what about the beans themselves? 

When I was a kid, I loved beans. 

I grew up on the East Coast of the US, and we all had beans, and I was really excited to eat them. 

We’d eat beans at our grandparents’ house, and if you went on a camping trip, you’d eat them on the way home. 

And when you grow up and you buy a whole lot of beans, you get to enjoy them as much as you possibly can. 

This is what made the bean one of my favorite things. 

The beans were a staple of my diet. 

A couple of weeks ago, I did some research and I found out about the bean. 

In case you haven’t heard, it’s a little like a green coffee bean that can be roasted and served in a big bowl with some bread. 

It’s a simple thing to make, and there’s a lot of information on how to do it. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Instant coffee is made with milk, but if you use a non-alcoholic coffee or tea instead, it doesn’t require much work to get going. 

If you’re wondering what to do if you don’t have instant coffee in your pantry, you can make your own from ingredients you already have. 

There are a lot more options than you might think, so if you want to try something new, I’d recommend going for the most authentic bean in the world. 

You can buy the beans you need at most grocery stores and most specialty food stores. 

My husband, who is vegan, loves them so much that he makes them in the backyard of his house for a couple of hours a day. 

He uses a lot less milk than most people do. 

His favorite recipe is the Instant Pot Black Bean with Green Beans, which I shared yesterday. 

Once you have the beans, boil them in a pan for 5 minutes, then add a little water to make the coffee less viscous. 

Don’t worry if the water is just a bit on the thick side. 

That’s normal. 

When the water comes up to the boil, it will be thick and frothy. 

At that point, add a teaspoon of salt to the water. 

Now you can taste the beans and let them cool down a bit before adding the next step. 

With the water and salt, you want it to come up to your nose. 

Add more water if needed. 

Take the beans out of the water, rinse them under cold running water, and then throw them into the Instant Cooker. 

Fill the Instant cooker with the hot water and heat it up on high. 

Next, add the beans.

If you want, you may need to add a tablespoon of oil to help the beans get the most steam out of them.

Then, add in the salt. 

Put the Instant-Cooker on high for 10-15 minutes. 

Then, turn it down to medium. 

As soon as it’s ready, place the beans on a paper towel lined plate and let the water soak for a few minutes. 

 Once the water has absorbed all the moisture, you’ll be able to remove the beans from the Instant Heat. 

Repeat this process several times, until you have all the beans that you want. 

Remove the paper towel from the plate and rinse it under cold water.

You’ll want to let the beans soak for at least 10 minutes.

This will help prevent any oil residue from sticking to the beans as they cook. 

Cook for about 5-6 minutes on high heat. 

After that, add more water, stirring constantly. 

Continue cooking for about 2 minutes, or until the beans are tender and the beans begin to caramelize on the outside. 

Let the beans cool completely. 

Cool on a plate. 

Drain the beans by placing them in an airtight container, and tossing them with the beans in the bowl. 

Set aside to cool for at-home cooking. 

To make the beans more viscous, I like to add some water to the pan with the Instant Cooking Spray. 

Stir constantly for a minute or two. 

Return the pan to high heat and add the coffee to it.

Start adding more water to increase the speed of the heat.

As soon you add more, the beans will start to absorb some of the liquid. 

Slowly add more coffee until the coffee starts to caramelise on the inside. 

While the beans cook, you should be able see the caramelization in the beans! 

After about 15 minutes, remove the pan from the heat and let it sit for 10 minutes or until they’re tender. 

Transfer the beans to a plate and place

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