What’s next for the clean coffee maker?

A new design and manufacturing facility is being built for the Clean Coffee Maker.

The company, owned by US technology giant Alfred, is aiming to have the product on the market by March 2019.

“We’ve spent the last few months in the design phase and we’re excited to see it get into the market and be on the shelves in a few months,” said Alfred Coffee founder and CEO Joe Smith.

The new design will be unveiled on Thursday.

The product is not yet in the final stages of production.

“The Clean Coffee maker is the ultimate in environmentally friendly and ergonomic design,” said Smith.

“It’s a beautiful design, but it’s not just a clean coffee machine.

The Clean Coffee machine is designed to last, and will last for many, many years.”

Clean Coffee machines have a range of benefits, including a better tasting coffee, a better quality, less waste, a more environmentally friendly environment, and an easier to clean.

It will be on sale in 2020, and you can pre-order your own now for just £150. Source RTE